[about_header img="http://www.long-island-web-design-seo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/ppcmanagement3.jpg" img_alt="Pay Per Click Management"][h3 type="light"]Pay Per Click Management[/h3]The more clicks your ads get on a PPC campaign, the larger the turnover rate. This is the basic formula of a PPC campaign.

Do you have a business, but have no idea how to make enough money to sustain it for the long haul? Our PPC Management team has extensive experience creating and managing successful analytical and result oriented campaigns for a number of satisfied clients.
[/about_header][hr type="mb-55 mt-30"][row left_padding="true"][h3]Step by Step Methodology[/h3]In order to ensure each and every client has the tools they need to realize their financial goals, our team of dedicated PPC management professionals create and utilize customized pay-per click strategies for each project they come across. Our tailor made solutions allow us to mould requirements to any task that we are assigned so that no detail is left to chance.

Each client is treated like an esteemed member of the organization and as a business minded professional, whether they have a small business or a large organization to advertise. Each step of the campaign is detailed meticulously during our first meeting in order to gain a clear idea of your business and financial goals.


[grid col="6"][text class="text-1 bold italic dark "]Authentic and Reliable PPC Services[/text]Nothing is more devastating to a business than an unreliable PPC campaign. We have a proven track record of successful and legitimate campaigns that are still providing our clients’ competitors’ a run for their money. The key to our fame lies in our dedication in ensuring that:

[li]No one gets ripped off by pseudo PPC organizations.[/li]
[li]Clients receive IMMEDIATE exposure as soon as they work with us.[/li]
[li]Specific products and markets receive maximum online coverage.[/li]
[li]Each penny invested in our firm is made effective via traffic friendly advertising campaigns. [/li]
[li]Fledgling companies never have to look elsewhere for authentic PPC services.[/li]

[text class="text-1 bold italic dark "]Our extensive portfolio of services includes working with Google AdWords, Facebook PPC, customized banner advertising and other tasks that are essential for any website’s online visibility. [/grid]

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100% Customized PPC Solutions

In order to ensure maximum PPC compatibility we provide a complete package of services for your business needs:

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Client Communication

Before starting your PPC campaign, we will sit down with you and discuss your expectations and goals. This step allows us to get thorough insight regarding your services and create a campaign that can set it apart from your competitors’.

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PPC Keyword Research

Before conducting your campaign, our in house PPC experts will do meticulous keyword research to place in each PPC advertisement. This includes words and/or phrases your target market will typically use when searching for your business or services. We also make it a point to research niche market areas regarding your industry to give you the ideal competitive edge over your rivals.

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If you are in need of hiring a PPC company or just tired of wasting money, call us today 516-442-1711

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